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The AlphaWood – Shelman melamine range is available in a wide range of colors and designs, including modern shades and wood imitations designs and is available in glossy surfaces, smooth, embossed, matte, offering high durability and aesthetics. The collection is constantly updated according to the requirements of modern furniture makers and design.

AlphaWood – Shelman melamine, fully meet the European standards, for example scratch resistance, chemical resistance and cracking (cracking test) as is specified in the following EN 14322: 2004, EN 14323: 2004 and EN 438-2: 2005. It is an ideal product for kitchen spaces-bathroom- Child bedroom and in household equipment furniture.

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Dimensions: 3,66m × 1,83m
Thickness: from 6mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm.

8002 8202 8302 8402
8502 8602 8702 8802
8902 9002    

Classic Series

044-cherry woodpore 110-cheerynatural woodpore 145-naturaloak woodpore
146-walnut woodpore 1501-sagre gloss 151-birch woodpore
152-naturalbeech woodpore 402-wenge woodpore


Superior Series

201-Pine Riga Microline 2802-Oak Horizontal Matrix 2902-Oak Horizontal White Matrix 3002-Oak Horizontal Grey Matrix
307-Oil Tree Horizontal Matrix 3401-Madeira Sawn Cut 3501-Winchester Walnut Sawn Cut 3602-Frassino Bianco Microline
3802-Frassino Miele Microline 404-Dark Horizontal Matrix 405-Light Pine Scavato 406-Dark Pine Scavato
407-Beige Pine Scavato 408-Beige Rigga Scavato 409-White Raggio Scavato 4502-Rovere Grey Sawn Cut
4602-Rovere Dark Grey Sawn Cut 4702-Rovere Beige Sawn Cut 4802-Rovere Rock Sawn Cut 502-Oak Rustic Sawn Cut
503-Light Oak Rustic Sawn Cut 504-Dark Oak Rustic Sawn Cut 5202-Coibra Ash Dark Scavato 5302-Coibra Ash Light Scavato
7002-Energy Pine Grey Scavato 7102-Energy Pine Beige Scavato 7202-Hick Soft 7302-Hick Dark Soft
7402-Outdoor Pine Scavato 7502-Metropolitan Soft 802-Oak Horizontal Matrix