Halepis Wood - Wood products for professionals and individuals

About us

Our Company founded by George Simeon Aleppo in 1970 in Ierapetra to timber marketing. For 20 years the company continued its timber imports, the main trading product timber greenhouse and based proprietary warehouse in the center of Ierapetra on the Cyprus route.

In 1990 he became the second stubble recommending the company S.CHALEPIs & Co. and transferring the premises to store owners at 3km Ierapetras - Gra Lygia. For the next year the company extended the marketing of timber and other species such as industrial wood and targeted professional cabinet makers of Ierapetra.

In 1995, taking its first steps in woodworking as invested in machine tools moving in melamine and cutting greenhouse woods, serving in this way the carpenters and contractors in the region.

In 2004 the company to better information on new trends in wood materials renovated its facilities, creating an exhibition of 200 square meters and highlighting the furniture fittings, kitchen equipment and wardrobe.

In 2008 the company by following modern market trends offer high quality work with cutting machines and welding latest technology products. We deliver the professional and the amateur industrial wood products such as melamine MDF, plywood, cut to the measures and dimensions you want and welding PVC film to receive ready doors for kitchen and closet.

Moreover, the company having its love for the natural beauty offered by the wood in raw form Marketing plates from natural pine, cypress and walnut giving the opportunity to anyone who has the desire to process the wood and create original woodwork.

The company S.CHALEPIS & Co. 45 years after having the potential of people with years of experience, expertise and love for wood and new third generation blood that wants to follow the family tradition has earned the trust of its customers and has the sole objective to continue to satisfy customers with excellent quality products at the best prices in the market and above all to learn to young people the worth of wood in our lives.

Our company has transport means through which runs throughout the local market of Lasithi Crete.